Expedition: Science
A short film showing the Microscopic Life Around Us module used by elementary school students.

Why Ciliates?
A short video explaining why researchers and educators use ciliates

‘Why Ciliates?’ from FLYING DREAMS INC on Vimeo.

How to Use a Pipettor
A video created by Dryden High School students, Dryden, New York

Lafayette Students Explore Tetrahymena
Students at Lafayette Elementary School, Chatham, New Jersey, work with the phagocytosis and smoking/alcohol modules.

Basic Statistics for K-12
A series of five closed captioned videos explaining statistical concepts useful in some of the modules.

1) Why Statistics?

2)  T-test Concepts

3) T-test Calculations

4) Chi-Squared Tests

5) Correlations, Regression and ANOVA

Video of the 25 July 2011 Panel Discussion from the ASSET Teachers’ Workshop (requires Silverlight)