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Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 at 7:40am
Looking forward to a great ASSET teacher workshop featuring the use of Foldscopes in the classroom (4/28) followed by a public talk by Jim Cybulski, President and CEO of Foldscope (4/30). If you are in the area, workshop's full but talk is open to the public. Details attached. sepaasset photo
Thursday, April 5th, 2018 at 6:28pm
Farewell to Sudan, last remaining male of the northern white rhino subspecies (Ceratotherium simum cotton).May the next generation learn from our mistakes.
Saturday, March 24th, 2018 at 7:03am
Interesting fun read, great for students. New evidence shows many plankton use solar energy like plants but hunt and kill prey to live.These mixotrophs hybrid can have a big impact on global carbon levels, fish populations and harmful algal blooms
Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 at 10:02am
Here's the accompanying write up to the Ithaca students Fishtracker field trip depicted in previous video and some additional pictures of the activities!
sepaasset photo