Science module protocols

The links point to zipped files with the teacher and student protocols by grade level.

Cannibalism (High School)
Chemotaxis (Elementary, Middle School, High School)
Cilia: Growth and Regeneration (High School)
Effects of Cigarette Smoke and Alcohol (Elementary, Middle/High School)
Effects of Vaping ((High School))
Exocytosis (High School)
Field Research (Middle/High School)
Growth and Population Dynamics (Middle School, High School)
Mating (High School)
Microevolution (High School)
Microscope Orientation (Elementary)
Microscopic Life Around Us (Elementary, Middle/High School)
Mutation (High School)
Osmolarity (Middle School, High School)
Pattern Formation (High School)
Phagocytosis (Elementary, Middle/High School)
Toxicology (High School)

See also our glossary for the terms used in the modules.