Thank you letters

Letters from the students at Bretton Woods Elementary School after using microscopes from the ASSET equipment lending library

Tetrahymena Drawings

Drawings made by students from Bretton Woods Elementary School while looking at tetrahymena under a microscope

Tetrahymena Caricatures

Caricatures of Tetrahymena drawn by students in Mrs. Mayer’s 5th grade class at Northeast Elementary, Ithaca, New York.

Bretton Woods

Thank you letters from the students at the Bretton Woods Elementary School, Hauppauge, NY.
Bretton Woods Letter 17

Teacher Training at Syracuse University

Training for pre-service teachers, April 2014
Photo 5

Images from Northeast Elementary School, Ithaca, NY

Students in Marilyn Mayer's class at Northeast Elementary School use the phagocytosis module.

Artwork from Dryden High School

Paintings, sketches and other artwork from the classes of Elizabeth Sprout and Elizabeth Rechtin, Dryden High School, Dryden, New York.

2012 Master Science Teacher Workshop

Workshop conducted at Cornell University July 18 to 21, 2012.

Groton Science Fair 2011

This year, three students from Mr. DeVoe's 7th Grade Life Sciences class designed an experiment utilizing Tetrahymena thermophila to studied the effects of temperature on the feeding behavior of tetrahymena for the 2011 Groton Science Fair.
Learning to pipette.

Lab Modules : Classroom Set Ups

Sample classroom set up for Phagocytosis and Chemosensory lab modules.
Chemosensory lab module for middle school.