Reserve invasive species kit

HATCH award 2014-15-242

This form allows you to reserve a kit containing materials for up to three separate sites. Currently we can support 10 collection kits out at once, each providing individually packaged materials for up to 3 separate sites.

We need you to have your principal complete the permission form before we can ship materials. The form may be mailed, faxed or scanned and emailed back to us.

Please reserve collection materials only for the number of independent sites from which you will collect water samples. Each kit can contain materials for up to 3 separate sites (e.g. River 1, Stream 2, and Lake 3; or River 1 at point A, River 1 at point B at least a mile away from point A, and River 1 at point C at least a mile away from points A and B).

At each site, we would like you to collect water from 3 locations approximately 50 feet apart, physical conditions permitting. You will process a total of 6 samples: 3 controls using tap or distilled water (not water from the site) and 1 sample from each of the three locations within the site. The illustration below shows collections points at one site along a stream; the same distances apply to collecting at ponds and lakes.

Collection Map

There is a dropdown box at the bottom of this reservation form, which indicates the number of separate sites you will collect from. This box must be filled out for the reservation to be approved.

Use the dropdown below to see the availability of each kit. If a kit is already reserved for the time period you need, simply select another kit number. Generally you will be able to find a kit that is available for the time period you need. You can reserve a kit for a maximum of two weeks by clicking each day in the date range you need. For example, if you want a kit from September 1 – September 14, you need to click each day within that time period. Kits will be shipped to arrive a day or two before your indicated date. In order for us to meet all kit requests, it is critical that kits be returned as soon as possible after collection, using the return shipping materials provided.

Please make your reservation at least two weeks before you want to start.

Note: At the moment, our funding only allows us to send kits within New York State.