The chemosensory response lab addresses cell response to a variety of substances, from avoidance/attraction response to modification of ciliary beat, and presents optional sections to allow teachers to tailor module use to specific classroom levels. Middle school students examine the response of the cells to simple substances like herbs, spices, or citrus peel, some of which are provided with the kit, or they can design their own experiments to test the avoidance/attraction respose to a variety of substances of interest to them. High school students can examine more sophisticated chemical responses, for example to GTP. This lab has been adapted for use in classes ranging from 4th/5th grade through AP biology.

Module Protocols

Elementary, Middle School, High School

Relevant Concepts

Cell Response to Environmental Stimuli; Interorganismal Relationships

Next Generation Science Standards Relationships

High School: HS-LS2-6 | HS-LS4-5

Middle School: MS-LS1-1 | MS-LS1-2 | MS-LS1-5

Elementary School: 1-LS1-1 | 4-LS1-1 | 4-LS1-2 | 5-LS2-1 | 3-LS4-2

NYS Science Curriculum Guideline Relationships

Key Ideas 1.1 | 1.2 | 1.3 | 4.5 | 4.6