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Interested in using Tetrahymena in your science teaching? Take a look at our teaching modules, browse our resources, including multimedia presentations, videos, how-to information, useful links, media recipes, and much more.

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Looking for materials to help your students address the critical interface between science and society and the role of scientific change throughout history? We have modules for that as well.

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ASSET provides easy-to-use science modules designed for elementary school students to engage your students in hands-on science activities using safe, easy to grow live protozoa!

ASSET Science and Society modules will help you integrate science and social studies by demonstrating the connection between science, culture, and society now and throughout history.

Elementary level modules include a comprehensive teacher guide and detailed student activity sheet. All materials needed to carry out the activity are provided free of charge.

Middle school teachers

ASSET science modules for middle school students use innovative approaches featuring live cells to introduce an array of biological concepts.

Extraction of cigarette smokeASSET’s inquiry driven modules provide opportunities for students to explore questions ranging from the effects of smoke and alcohol on ciliary movement to the effects of food resources on growth and population to how cells respond to changes in their environment, and much more.

ASSET modules actively engage students in interactive, hands-on science experiments. All modules include a comprehensive teacher guide and detailed student protocol sheet. All materials needed to carry out the activity are provided free of charge.

ASSET Science and Society modules will help introduce your students to the impact of science on society, and the ways that culture and society influence science, now and throughout history.

High school teachers

students_at_microscopeIn addition to many high school level modules addressing a variety of biological concepts, ASSET has a new program designed to encourage motivated students to carry out independent research projects featuring the protozoan Tetrahymena as a model research organism.

Class use of standard ASSET high school modules can serve as an introduction to Tetrahymena as a research organism for exploring wide array of biological phenomena. Highly motivated students have an opportunity to subsequently engage in a teacher supervised independent research project using Tetrahymena as a research organism.

To provide classroom research opportunities for students at under-resourced schools, ASSET will supply the loan of needed materials and equipment free of charge.

ASSET is also interested in fostering independent student inquiry on topics related to science and society, now and throughout history. Teachers can utilize existing ASSET Science and Society modules available on our website to introduce their students to the fundamental inter-relationship between science and society. Students interested in issues at the interface of science and society are encouraged to carry out an independent research project, supported by teachers with expertise in any related discipline, including science, social studies and history, or by a collaborative effort involving teachers in different disciplines.